The Indian In The Desert

Rory’s Story Cubes, where a huntsman is given a magical book, and eats a magnet.

This is a story created by the students at my day job: young adults with disabilities like Autism and Downs Syndrome. It’s a fantastic, accessible tool for pretty much anyone to make a satisfying tale, and spend time together or on their own making stories. We had fun putting this one together.


Once upon a time…

There was an indian who lived in a tepee in the desert. They spent a lot of time hunting with a bow and arrow for food. One day when the indian was out hunting, they met up with a large group of people.

They group told the indian that they had found a magical book. They also said the book was found inside an old building. The indian took the book and thanked the group before going out hunting again. While hunting, he came across a big, green-shelled turtle that happened to be sick with a cold. Upon noticing this, the indian gave an apple to the turtle, hoping that the turtle would feel better.

The indian said, “I have a thought. Things will get better around here. I’ll make sure things will be okay.” The indian took out his magnet and started to eat it. Finally, the indian cut down the only tree in the desert so he could take the wood out of it.


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