The Bill Nye – Kenneth Ham Drinking Game

My girlfriend and I recently watched the soon-to-be-infamous (if not already) debate between Kenneth Ham of the Creationist Museum and the Answers In Genesis organization, and Bill Nye “The Science Guy.” My significant other and I gained such enjoyment out of the experience that we resolved that henceforth we would watch the debate every Christmas day and participate in a drinking game, sure to have us rolling on the floor not just with laughter but also with alcoholic stupor.

The main question of the debate was “Is Creation[ism] a valid model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?”


  • Bill Nye uses the word “extraordinary” (referring to the claims of Kenneth Ham of proof and substantiations for Young-Earth Creationism found in the Bible and elsewhere)
  • Bill Nye uses the phrase “on the outside” (he’s referring to the science community not allied with Creationist causes)
  • Kenneth Ham uses the word “hijack” (referring to how scientists have appropriated the word “science”…from Creationists)
  • Kenneth Ham uses the word “book” (blatantly obvious referral to the Bible)

These four criteria are all you’ll need to be staggeringly, slobberingly drunk, likely within the first hour.


  • Bill Nye makes an appeal to “voters and taxpayers” (pleading with citizens to keep science legitimate in schools)
  • Bill Nye says the phrase “reasonable man” (referring to himself when considering Ham’s proofs)
  • Chug the rest of your current drink when Kenneth Ham goes on his “origin” diatribe (there’s a segment in particular near the close of the Q&A)
  • Chug the rest of your current drink when Bill Nye mentions the post-grad major conspicuously absent from Kentucky colleges and universities


You’ll likely want to ruminate after chugging, dare you attempt the Platinum level. This is the world we’re living in, folks.

I slept very soundly the night after we watched the debate, secure in my belief (dare I say “faith”) that godlessness is alive and well, and has at least one staunch, blindingly-intelligent, eloquent supporter. Hitchens may be gone, but Nye is performing admirably when attempting to fill those shoes.

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