Notes on Ishmael

i read the book ishmael, by daniel quinn. there’s probably been no other book that’s been recommended to me as highly and frequently as that book, by such diverse assortment of people. as such, i resolved to take notes as i read through the book, and eventually compile them together as a sort of “cliff notes” version for those who admit they’re too damn lazy to read the entire book themselves. it’s worth it to take notes on what one reads for future reference.

if you want to experience the book for yourself, then visit here. i highly recommend the book. it can indeed be life-changing. at the very least, it’s riveting edutainment.

if you are in fact too damn lazy to read the book and instead want to go for a moderately-educated individual’s 8-page (or so) summary of the book, then visit here (pdf version). then go read the book, you shiftless good-for-nothing.

published under a creative commons license of some sort, i don’t know. but just don’t try to sell it, is all i’m saying.

if you would like a hand-bound, hand-assembled zine version of this book, please send me an e-mail to let me know. the notes aren’t all that half bad, particularly the part in the middle where i was beginning to take issue with the direction of the book. i’ve done a decent job at it.

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