Hello, guests of GAMESCAPE 2017!

let-off studios is part of the Baltimore Games Collective, and we presented the Underground Arcade at Artscape this year. If you’re seeking to play and/or download MUTANT HIGHWAY, FUNGILLUMINATI, SWIM RUSH FEATURING MICHAEL PHELPS, or ASTRO-PATH, you came to the right place…! Read below for download links and more info.

Here’s our recent tribute game: MUTANT HIGHWAY. Click here to play.

click here to play MUTANT HIGHWAY

Screen shot of an early development build of MUTANT HIGHWAY. Copyleft 2016 let-off studios.












From the SEKRET SANTA 2016 game jam: HER UNIVERSE. Click here to play.

Screen shot from HER UNIVERSE. Copyleft 2016 let-off studios.

Screen shot from HER UNIVERSE. Copyleft 2016 let-off studios.










Click here to play SPIDERAIN, a single-screen game jam made in early 2017.








let-off studios makes retro-inspired computer games with the Clickteam Fusion software development kit. These are available to play at no cost to you. However, should you be interested in supporting my work, please consider donating something to let-off studios (and play games!) via the links below:


See Also our games made for Glorious Trainwrecks:

Save A Baby (NSFW?) (made in Flickgame)
Find Your Keys (Flash Game)
The Worst Sin (NSFW) (Twine game)
MOON MUMMIES (Flash game)

To see all of the Trainwrecks made by let-off studios, click here.


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