UPCOMING: We’ll see you at CecilCon 2018!
The Underground Arcade arrives again this coming April, as Let-Off Studios and Sassy Echidna team up once again to showcase game jamming and the video game hobby scene. We want to promote the idea that nearly anyone can make a game, so long as they have the tools and grit to do so. We’ll show some of our engaging, fun titles made with these free and low-cost game-making tools, as well as share other resources so you can start making your own. Be sure to stop by and say Hi! (and perhaps enter the high score contest…!)

Global Game Jam 2018
Let-Off Studios presents Slot Car: Racing Revelations as part of this year’s Global Game Jam! Much fun was had (and much coffee and bananas were consumed) with much thanks to our generous hosts, Big Huge Games. The event proves once again that – so long as you have gusto (and perhaps some project management skills) – you can come up with a spectacular game in the space of 48 hours or less. Click on the pic below to learn more:
Title screen for Slot Car: Racing Revelations

— Now in 2018: One Hour Game Jam entries —
We’ve completed a host of games for the One Hour Game Jam. Click on their pictures to download:

Spindley + Snuggles Forever – 2018
Created for the Sekret Santa 2017 Game Jam over at Glorious Trainwrecks. Join Spindley Q. Wizard and his pal, Mr. Snuggles (or is it Lothor, Lord of the Cat People?) on their journey to play with cat toys. Compete for the high score! Download it HERE!

Project A.S.I.S.: Across Sectors In Space – 2017
We’ve completed a challenging, retro-styled shootemup in a sci-fi universe of our own making. Blast and dodge your way through six different space sectors, and compete for a high score. Download link HERE! (redirects to a Dropbox link, by the way)

let-off studios is part of the Baltimore Games Collective, and we presented the Underground Arcade at Artscape this year. If you’re seeking to play and/or download MUTANT HIGHWAY, FUNGILLUMINATI, SWIM RUSH FEATURING MICHAEL PHELPS, or ASTRO-PATH, you came to the right place…! Read below for download links and more info.

Here’s our recent tribute game: MUTANT HIGHWAY. Click here to play.

click here to play MUTANT HIGHWAY

From the SEKRET SANTA 2016 game jam: HER UNIVERSE. Click here to play.

Screen shot from HER UNIVERSE. Copyleft 2016 let-off studios.

Click here to play SPIDERAIN, a single-screen game jam made in early 2017.

let-off studios makes retro-inspired computer games with the Clickteam Fusion software development kit. These are available to play at no cost to you. However, should you be interested in supporting my work, please consider donating something to let-off studios (and play games!) via the links below:


See Also our games made for Glorious Trainwrecks:

Save A Baby (NSFW?) (made in Flickgame)
Find Your Keys (Flash Game)
The Worst Sin (NSFW) (Twine game)
MOON MUMMIES (Flash game)

To see all of the Trainwrecks made by let-off studios, click here.


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