Mole Majority

Mole Majority is a card-driven, area-control game featuring intense hand-management and territory dynamics. Players guide a tribe of moles in their efforts to overrun a golf course, represented by a modular hex-based tile layout. The game starts off pleasantly enough, but as the game continues spaces become crowded with moles and only players with a majority of moles in a given hex will win that territory. Hand management, timing, attention to other players’ turns, and a willingness to be ruthless on more than one occasion will help a player claim the golf course, and take the victory.

Seasoned players will be able to maximize their effectiveness on a turn by exploiting the nuance of two specific mechanics: increasing their underground “network,” and claiming Majority within a hex. Additionally, cards can work together by combining “stackable” cards that provide additional actions. To gain an edge, players can renovate hexes by Making a Home or causing a Cave-In: maneuvers that help them gain additional points that are kept secret until final scoring. The end result is a multiplayer game that provides continued strategic depth and a tense end-game where players don’t know exactly who will win when the final hex is claimed.

I’m experimenting with documenting my tabletop game design process on the superb Board Game Designer’s Forum. Mole Majority is my entry into this documentation trial.

To see my entries for Mole Majority, you’ll want to see the game journal itself.

You’ll see Mole Majority at Unpub 6 in Baltimore, Maryland this April.


  1. I had a chance to play this at Unpub 5 and loved it. Any updates? I see the thematic variants as well and would love to see if there was any art work done for Wise Guys. Thanks for making it out to that event, the group I played with it all very much enjoyed this game.

  2. Thanks for the kudos, Bob! I still fondly remember your group coming out and playing at Unpub. I wrote up the experience in my playtest journal on BGDF, and you may want to check it out if you’ve not done so already:

    As for artwork for the thematic variations, I think I’ll leave that up to a publisher to do at this point. The artwork I’m using now is free clipart I found online (believe it or not!), and exists ultimately to deliver the idea of the game mechanics to a potential publisher. The theme (and thus the required artwork) could change at any point in the production process, so I’m not going to make a new set of artwork unless a publisher specifically requests it (and even then, they could simply hire a professional artist themselves to have some quality artwork for whatever theme they prefer).

    I chose to post the different thematic options so a publisher realizes that I’m completely flexible with the game and where it goes once they push the button on it. I’m glad to learn that someone is reading them! 😀

    Take care Bob, and thanks again to you and your family for playtesting at Unpub!

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