My name is Stephen, and one of my interests is making video games. I tend to focus on retro-inspired game designs and “game jam” entries, leaning heavily in the arcade-action realm, since those are the games I grew up with and still enjoy to this day. I also am completely self-taught, and eschew a programming language in favor of using game-making tools to do all the hard work. This way, I can spend most of my time with the creative process.

Here are some of my offerings. Games are either Windows-only or HTML 5 (playable in nearly any web browser). Enjoy!

Row your boat, collect the Constellation Glyphs, and return them to their proper shrines to bring the Tree of Stars back to life before the time runs out…! Click here to play it in your web browser.

Made for the Global Game Jam 2021. Thanks to the MICA Game Lab for hosting this year!

The chocolate and peanut butter combination of two great game flavors that – dare I say – taste better together. Click here to play it now (plays in nearly any web browser).

You’re a ghost, and instead of just tagging out Chompface, you’ve killed him. You’ve reanimated his corpse so that Zezmeron and Ms. Chompface don’t suspect anything… Find the four tires to your van so you can escape before they learn the truth! Click here to play it now (plays in nearly any web browser).

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Want someone to make a game for you/with you? Let me know by sending me an email.

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